The Problem:

Traditional direct marketing solutions are losing touch in today’s digital world.  The century old paper coupon is a hassle for shoppers, advertisers and retailers. Loyalty solutions are unable to support true 1-to-1 personalization in stores like they do for  dotcom e-tailers.  Newer cellphone based mobile marketing companies are offering great promises, but are unable to deliver on those promises.

The Solution:

meshBee is a proximity-based paperless coupon and loyalty marketing solution. The solution creates a powerful new touchpoint between advertisers, retailers and shoppers.  When a shopper is at a store, a mall, a street corner or at home, s/he receives personalized and relevant marketing messages. Our patent-pending solution uses a keychain sized dedicated mobile marketing device.  Advertisers create and manage targeted marketing campaigns, while shoppers receive relevant, personalized and contextual offers through a friendly medium.  Furthermore, meshBee provides POS redemption, clearing and reporting services for a full end-to-end solution.

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