Make more money

-Increase redemption rates, promotional effectiveness and revenue by distributing deals people want.
-Launch new products, revitalize existing brands by better targeting.
-Real-time reporting and analysis lets you know what works.

Spend less money

-Decrease costs:- elimination of paper coupon redemption, clearing, processing.
-Decrease fraud:- improper redemptions, deductions, and adjustments


-Innovative new touchpoint with Shoppers
-Go green and save trees

How does it work?


Signup & Create Campaigns

Signup to advertise on the meshBee network.

We provide all the tools and services to quickly create and manage campaigns. Get all the power of a real-time digital medium.


Track Results

Get up-to-the-minute results on your marketing campaigns.  Immediately know what's working and what's not, what's cold and what's hot.  Now that's powerful!

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