Make more money

-Give customers the deals they want on the products they want.
-Attract new customers who spend new money.
-Retain loyal  customers who spend more money.
-Share in new marketing revenue.

Spend less money

-Reduction of paper coupon inefficiencies/costs (sorting, bundling, shipping, processing)
-Less waste coverage of non-relevant coupons


-Innovative shopper environment - the best place to shop
-Build a 1-on-1 relationship with shoppers
-Shoppers want it!
-Go Green- Save paper

How does it work?


Signup & Connect

We'll provide all the hardware, software and services to get you up and running quickly.  We'll provide all the tools required to build that 1-to-1 relationship for all your loyal shoppers.


Accept offers

For more powerful functionality, we can work with you to electronically redeem and fulfill offers.

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